The Retired Firefighters of Washington was originally established in 1932 as the Retired Firemen’s Association, representing those members who retired under the “Prior Act”. In 1970, when the LEOFF Pension System was established, the organization changed its name to the current “Retired Firefighters of Washington” and is the only politically active organization dedicated to, and representing, the interest of all RETIRED Washington State firefighters.

During the Legislative Session, countless hours are spent lobbying on behalf of retired firefighters, to protect and improve their pensions, as they apply to the retired firefighter, their families, and their surviving spouses.

Members of the RFFOW pay $57/year for membership. There are monthly meetings, the annual RFFOW Christmas Luncheon, the monthly newsletter, and an organization dedicated to the welfare of all retired Washington State firefighters and their families and,most importantly, the preservation of the pension you worked so hard, and for so many years, to receive. We work with, and stay in contact with, the numerous city and county Pension Boards statewide as a ready resource for the boards and their members. You probably rely on your pension as the major financial element in your retirement. However, the Legislature likes to “tweak” that pension on a regular basis.

Right now LEOFF I and LEOFF II members have some strong organizations that are working to protect and improve that system. But, they are union based and active member based organizations. The RFFOW tracks pension legislation, and works with the advocacy groups to keep its members current on things that can impact their pension. Additionally, the RFFOW’s mission is to represent not only the retiree, but the surviving spouse and families as well, in matters regarding the maintenance, protection, and/or improvement of their pension benefits.

The RFFOW serves as a social venue to keep you in touch will all of those folks you worked with over the years of your career. New members are always amazed at the importance of this function and how rewarding it is to see these old faces from time to time.In the past, most of our members in the RFFOW have been LEOFF I, but now LEOFF II members have started to retire. Our organization motto states: “For, about, and in Support of all Retired Washington State Firefighters.” Our organization is dealing with all the old and new issues confronting our LEOFF I and LEOFF II members. LEOFF I members have always been blessed with a Pension Board and Pension Office that could answer our questions and help keep us together. LEOFF II members do not have that resource. Hence it is doubly important that the RFFOW fills that gap.

Now is the time to join the RFFOW. For any questions or information, call President, Dick Warbrouck, 425-406-9823, or Executive Assistant, Megan Girard, We will answer your questions and help you get signed up.

Give us a try. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain with membership in the Retired Firefighters of Washington.

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