Contributions to the Legislative Fund can be made at any time, with a separate check made payable to:

RFFOW Legislative Fund 9134 207th Place SW , Edmonds, WA 98026.


Thank you to the following members who sent separate donation checks.

We would also like to thank all the members who make a $3.00 contribution when paying their annual dues via check or by payroll deduction. Your contribution allows our voice to be heard and is very much appreciated!! We only list the amount if the donation is above $25.00:

Thomas McNerney $303

Gordon Lewis $250

Peter Vaglio $203

George Moody $200

Marion Herth $200

Don Sharp $200

John Livers $200

Anonymous $200

Bob McLauchlan $200

Patrick Brock $200

Mary Jean Olson $200 in memory of Steven Olson

Mary Sholdra $175

Sally Bouillon $150

Edward Antich $103

Loretta Dixon $103

Adrienne Hager $103

Monte Harrison $103

Brian Henderson $103

Edwin Jackson $103

Jean Hunt $103

Lewis Eyman $103

Daniel Doles $103

Marvin Berg $100

Terry R Davis $100

Dan Zlock $100

Jim Dorney $100

Grant Newell $100

Pauline Kirlin $100

Francis Hinson $100

Barbara Beers $100

Frank Bladen $100

William Mitchell $100

Elynor Roehr $100

Gerald Nichols $100

Doris Hunter $100

Ralph Maughan $100

Ronald Eckerman $100

David Campbell $100

Tom Betrozoff $50

Robert VanDyke $50

Glen Clarke $43

Carlene LaBrec $43

Hubert Crawley $43

Lucille Thrasher $43

Linda Teague $43



Whether you're Prior Act, LEOFF I, LEOFF II, Federal or Private, the Retired Firefighters of Washington is for YOU!

The Retired Firefighters of Washington is the only politically active organization dedicated to, and representing, the interest of all retired firefighters of Washington State and their families. Countless hours are spent in Olympia, on behalf of retired firefighters, working with our state's Representatives to maintain, secure, and improve our pensions as they apply to the retired firefighters, their families and surviving spouses.

In addition to this serious work, The RFFOW provides a means for retired firefighters and their spouses to keep in touch with each other, pass along information and have some fun! We have monthly meetings, held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (except June, July & August) where members have the opportunity to not only meet old friends, but to hear the latest regarding pension issues.

So, if you're not already a member of the Retired Firefighters of Washington, we encourage you to join. There is strength in numbers. We are already a powerfull voice in Olympia but the greater the numbers the louder the voice to be heard.

To join, just print and fill out a membership application. Print and fill out this payroll deduction form if you are already a member and want to pay dues via payroll deduction.

Mail Applications to:
Retired Firefighters of Washington
9134 - 20
7th Place SW
Edmonds, WA 98026

Questions? (425) 775-9080 info@rffow.org


President’s Message

By Richard C. Warbrouck

As we begin the New Year we want to extend to all of you our best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe New Year. We also want to remember all of those who have fallen from our ranks, unfortunately too many to list.

I want to thank all of you for your membership and support as we work to protect the benefits that we earned during our careers in the fire service. We also want to acknowledge and thank you for the cards, notes and kind words you have forwarded to us during this holiday season.

(For more of the President's Message, click here)




February RFFOW Meeting

On February 20, 2019
11 AM; Calvary Christian Assembly 6801 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA


January Pension Report by Ray Sanderson:


A decade after the last major recession of the U.S. economy, many have been convinced that the current environment is the new normal. Soaring equities and low interest rates have been predominant features of investments; rising Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation premiums, artificially smoothed discount rates and increasing settlement activity have also been present. While some of these features might become part of a new normal, some might be cyclical. To understand the future, we need to examine the past. In this paper, we will look at 10 investment actions and discuss what they mean for future planning.

1. Avoid surprises.
During the global financial crisis (GFC), the average plan saw its funded ratio fall by 25%. Businesses were stressed, and those with large pension obligations got an extra kick in the shin as they were forced to source extra cash for their plan. The good news is there are still tools that can be used to simulate different economic environments to help clients better understand the potential impacts of financial risks and develop strategies to manage them.

(For January 2019 pension report, click here)


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William S. Nelson retired Seattle Captain passed away on 12/7/18.

Mark J Fitzgerald, Retired Fire Chief King Co Fire Dist 20-Skyway, served more than 30 years and served as Fire Chief 1994 to 2009, died on 12/5/18, of a cardiac incident in his car on the side of local highway. Services were Dec 20th.

Gordon Ochs, retired Seattle firefighters, passed away on 12/22/18.

Yvonne Dezarn, widow of retired Seattle lieutenant Darrell Dezarn, passed away on 12/17/18.

Active Seattle Firefighter Kim Staats passed away at his home 11/13/18.

William Halbert retired Seattle Firefighter passed away on 1/13/19

Donald Shaver, retired Seattle Firefighter, passed away on 12/7/18

Lucy Sloan, widow of retired Seattle Firefighter Jack Sloan, passed away on 12/30/18.

Beatrice Castona, widow of retired Seattle firefighter Hervey Castona, passed away on 2/1/2019.

Michael Horat, retired Seattle Lieutenant, passed away on 2/1/2019. Memorial service will be April 25, 2019 at 2:00 pm, Inglewood Golf Club 6505 Ingelwood Rd NE Kenmore, WA 98028

Mary Grafalo, widow of retired Seattle Lieutenant Albert Grafalo, passed away on 12/26/2018.

Michael Rebar, Retired Tacoma Fire Captain, passed away on January 19. A Celebration of Life will be held from 1-4pm on Saturday February 23 at the Tacoma Firefighters Hall 1109 So 50th.

Daniel Roulst, retired Seattle Firefighter, passed away on 2/12/19. A burial service for will be held this coming Thursday 2/21 at Tahoma National Cemetery at 11:30. Address is 18600 SE 240th ,Kent WA. And a celebration of life gathering afterwards at St John the Baptist Church Hall, 25810 156th Ave SE Covington WA.

Merle Anderson, widow of retired Seattle Firefighter Merrill Anderson, passed away on 2/8/19.



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